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Join Us

We are actively recruiting both pipers and drummers to join our band.

No matter the skill level, age, gender or any other factor, we welcome new members.

If you're interested in joining the band, please click the Contact button below and send us a note, and we'll be in touch with you. 




In the past we had a tuition-free or mostly free program for teaching pipers and drummers. We don't expect to start a new group for beginners in the near future, but contact us for up-to-date information. For now, we can refer beginners to teachers in the area. Instruction for drumming is ongoing and new students may be able to join the sessions. 

Regardless of your experience , you are encouraged to fill out our form by clicking the Contact button below. Please include any experience you have had, what city you live in, and your age (approximate is fine - we need to know who are school age, young adults, middle age, centenarians, etc.). You are all welcome to visit us at a band practice, normally 6:00 PM Tuesday evenings at our practice hall in Largo. 


Pipers and drummers with more experience are welcome to join us at regular band practices on practice chanters/drum pads until they are comfortable to move on to the bagpipe or drum. Our band practices are relaxed and the perfect environment for intermediate students. ​If you are playing at the level that the classes are at any point in time, you may be able to join them.


Band practices for experienced pipers and drummers focus on performance sets and marches for upcoming events. These are held every Tuesday evening, less frequently in the summer. Pipers also meet at 10 AM Thursdays, covering everything from intermediate piping and exercises, to advanced tunes that some members of the band are learning. 

Directions to the practice hall and Taylor Park are on the REHEARSALS tab under JOIN US. 

What Will I Need?


Beginning pipers will need a practice chanter and textbook, and beginning snare drummers will need a pair of drum sticks and a practice pad. Beginning tenor and bass drummers will need sticks and a sense of rhythm. If you are interested in playing, we will give you information on what to buy and good places to buy it.


How Much Does It Cost?

  • Practice Chanter and textbook -- $120

  • Drum Sticks and Practice Pad -- $110

  • Band Dues - there are none. The band sustains itself with donations from performances. We do expect you to join the band and play with us for at least a few years in return for the free lessons you receive..


If I'm a piper, do I need to purchase a set of bagpipes right away?


Most pipers spend approximately 4 to 6 months learning the basics, so you will have plenty of time to plan ahead. Only when a student has learned a few tunes and feels confident with the music will it be time to invest in a set of bagpipes. Some of our pipers have pipes available for a reasonable cost, and they can guide students in the purchase of new or used pipes. Whatever you do, please do not purchase pipes from Amazon or eBay and then expect someone to make them playable. 

If I'm a drummer, do I have to buy a drum?


The band supplies all drums. You will need to purchase a set of drum sticks and a practice pad. We can connect you to some good suppliers.

Starting Out


New members learn to play as a group right from the start, pipers and drummers separately. If a group is already under way, we will keep you posted on the next session.

Our teaching program is designed to get new members involved in the band from day one. Students get help with sight-reading skills, rhythm, rudiments and playing as a group. Beginners also get a bit of history behind their instruments, the music and the culture from which it comes.

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